City of Bayswater to Commence a City-Wide Dispatch Technology Upgrade with RediTALK-Flex

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Vertel awards contract to Omnitronics to supply City of Bayswater with RediTALK-Flex dispatch console.
Omnitronics has announced that it’s been chosen by Vertel, a worldwide provider of critical communications, to supply local Australian government council the City of Bayswater with its latest dispatching application RediTALK-Flex.
The upgrade will be replacing the separate analog voice communications and GPS tracking service with an all-in-one voice and data system via the RediTALK-Flex console. Combining the best that radio technology has to offer, the system also uses Tait’s DMR Tier 2 repeater as part of its network configuration, ensuring a greater level of flexibility and resilience.
The install concludes the final step in the city-wide communications upgrade which has been carried out in a series of stages since 2015. It will be used to provide a variety of dispatching services to the city, ensuring a significant increase in productivity, greater safety of council staff and a higher quality of service to the 66,079 residents who reside within the city’s boundaries.
Omnitronics was chosen to provide this solution to fulfill the realization that a significant level of customization would be required to meet the specific requirements set by the city. By partnering with Omnitronics, the city gained access to the high level of engineering knowledge and experience that would be required to implement such a demanding and cutting-edge communications solution.
We wish to thank the City of Bayswater, Vertel and Direct Communications for choosing Omnitronics to provide a solution for this important project.

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