5 Ways Dispatch Consoles Can Improve the Safety of Your Team

In the types of industries that rely on digital radio communications, there are often a number of challenges with safety that are of paramount concern. Maritime, mining and resources and transportation are amongst the most hazardous sectors an individual can work within, and fields such as healthcare and public safety present their own concerns that can be eased with an effective dispatch solution.

In the interests of protecting the health and wellbeing of radio users, Omnitronics has developed its dispatch consoles to improve the safety of those on your network. Let’s take a look at five ways the right solution can keep your team as safe as possible.

1. Location Services

The technology behind digital radio makes it possible for your network to cover a vast area, however the sheer amount of territory means it isn’t always easy to accurately keep track of users. In the event of an emergency, safety can be compromised while dispatch operators struggle to pinpoint the location where assistance needs to be sent.

Omnitronics has two tiers of location services: the basic GPS Essentials that provides positioning data of users on a map in real-time, and Advanced Location Services, which offers greater insight into user movements.

2. Emergency Management

Should users on your network require immediate assistance following a catastrophic event, inefficient communications can hinder rescue efforts and potentially result in more serious injuries, or worse. Every organization that operates under a high level of risk should have a comprehensive emergency management plan in place.

If and when a serious issue arises, those plans need to be quickly and clearly communicated to anyone at risk, as well as the people responding to the situation. An effective dispatch console can generate alert tones on the network to signal an emergency procedure without interrupting normal communications.

3. Geofences and Alerts

View of remote mine operation

Remote working locations can present some unique safety challenges.

As part of the Advanced Location Services product mentioned above, dispatch operators are able to set up geofences to govern certain conditions and user movements, potentially eliminating the chances of an incident before it can happen.

A range of geofence types can be created – establishing no-go, speed-restricted, confinement or blast zones, for example – to ensure you maintain a level of control over where your users can freely move. Should someone drift into a hazardous area without clearance, or be travelling faster than is acceptable, alarms and notifications can be configured to alert operators that they may need to take further action.

4. Remote Monitor

For certain occupations, working in intensely isolated conditions is unavoidable, and understandably there are certain risks involved. Should a lone worker get injured on the job, it’s possible the situation will go unreported for a large amount of time, placing them at even greater risk.

Should contact with the worker be lost, the dispatch console is able to monitor the situation and raise an alarm if necessary. Dispatchers can even discretely connect to a radio’s microphone to monitor audio, a further option for checking on user well-being.

5. Stun Kill

While occasional anomalies on your radio network – loss of contact with users or unauthorized movements, for example – will need further action to get things back on track, from time to time the cause will be faulty or lost equipment. Once an issue such as this has been identified, the best solution is to shut down the device to prevent any further confusion.

A digital dispatch solution allows operators to temporarily or permanently disable a radio in the field, particularly useful for a lost or stolen device, but also faulty equipment that may interfere with the entire communications system.

If you believe any or all of these features could play a part in making your organization’s communications solution more effective, speak to Omnitronics today about dispatch consoles.

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