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Radio Dispatch Customization

 omnicore Optional Feature

Customized Radio Dispatch System 

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch is constantly evolving. The full development roadmap always has some exiting new feature coming up, including upgrades that many clients would benefit from.

But that’s not all: If an organization is unique in its processes, and requires a functionality that is not available now, or in the near future, we offer customization to tailor the system to specific client needs.

Clients on an omnicare Premium Support & Maintenance Plan receive all new features at no extra cost as part of their active subscription.

Customization Options

New Dispatch Feature, Functionality, Training, and More…

Console Functionality

Customized On-site Training

Protocol Integration

Vendor Interoperability

roip gateway software

Server Functionality

Customized Online Training

Technology Integration

Business System Integration

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.
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