What are Dispatch Action Buttons?

The Action Sequence function in omnicore streamlines multi-step processes into a single touch of a button. An easy way to consolidate workflows in a user-defined sequence of actions the dispatcher can perform.

 Within the Actions window one can assign a button on the console to execute a predefined set of actions known as an action sequence. This makes it easy for dispatchers to invoke multi-action sequences with the touch of one button.

An action sequence simplifies day-to-day operations, ensures consistency, and reduces dispatcher workload.



Dispatcher workload is reduced by simplifying steps


Actions are always executed in the exact same way, no matter which dispatcher is on duty

Less Errors

The capacity for human error is reduced, especially useful in mission-critical dispatch

Less Training

Radio Dispatchers need less training to operate the dispatch console

Workflow Example

Regular Canned Voice Announcement

Action 1

Put desired Channel(s) in Foreground mode

Action 2

Channel-Change desired Channels to correct particular frequencies

Action 3

Send one or more Canned Voice Messages with pauses in between

Action 4

Turn Channel(s) back to Off state



Simplify day-to-day operations

Manage Processes

Consistent task execution, no matter who is in charge

Team Benefits

Reduced Operator workloads

Workflow Example

Blast Alert at Mine Site

Action 1

Send SELCALL (analog) or text message (digital) to alert radios of blasting

Action 2

Put blast zone Channel(s) in Foregound mode

Action 3

Play alarm sound using Canned Voice over selected Channel(s), pause, play alarm sound again

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