Analytics & Reporting

Operational Productivity and Safety Metrics All in One

The omnicore Reporting & Analytics features makes radio dispatch an invaluable Business Intelligence tool. Analytics dashboards can be displayed on a screen in a control room or viewed on mobile devices.


Operating State

See the current state of the system in real time and be ready to act when it matters most

Multiple Dashboards

Configure multiple simultaneous dashboards for different information requirements

Operator Workloads

Manage Operator Workloads more efficiently and based on accurate load analysis

Mobile Friendly

Check in to review the real-time status, no matter where you are

Evaluation of Past Activities

Post Incident Reporting


  • Easy evaluation of incident response to identify and improve disaster management procedures
  • Exporting options including PDF, Excel, database etc.
  • Data stored for a long time (at least 1 year)

Business Intelligence

Batch Reporting


  • Generate reports to determine operator workload for efficiency and/or OHS
  • Provide information to help measure organizational KPIs
  • Generated reports can be delivered to recipients via email

Easy Integration



Application Programmers Interface (API) provides information to enable customers or integrators to generate customised reports

All system information available via REST API. Compatible with industry standard reporting tools
Import information from third-party systems and combine them with omnicore information, making omnicore a single system for reporting
Reporting API includes access to Location and Geofence data, so that it can be used for location-based reporting and for operational radio information
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