Link: Now for Another Look at DMR

The recent DMR discussion has prompted much-welcomed response from the market and from New Zealand in particular stimulating further debate to how applicable will the various executions of DMR be to the Australian market.The aim of the original article was not to diminish the true user beneficial aspirations and objectives of DMR globally but rather to challenge its claimed ‘digital messiah’ positioning from an Australian mature-market perspective.

As we all know, Australian professional radio users are educated buyers with a sharp sense for real operational needs, true competition and value and so questioning the premise can only be good business sense.

As with all evolving technology, it is inevitable that DMR will lose lucidness for users on what version, interpretation or wide-area implementation is actually being offered and what that means for future add-on purchases.

See the full article here: Now for another look at DMR :: RadioComms.

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