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How can I connect my IPR to a 3G Network?

There are a number of scenarios in which a fixed IP line is not available to organizations and therefore 3G or 4G is required. However, these come with the extra complication of dynamic addressing.

Click here to learn how to connect your IPR device when dynamic addressing is used.

How much IP Network Bandwidth do I require for VoIP Audio Channels?

With radio now commonly being used over IP networks, Radio transmissions are now sharing bandwidth with the many IT devices an organisation maintains. In order to ensure that no packets are lost, it is important that enough bandwidth is available.

See the attached Fact Sheet to find out how to calculate what your requirements are.

How do I conduct a systems check on networked IPR100’s?

You’ve unpacked your new IPR100, now what? This fact sheet explains the basics of how to connect your IPR100 devices, what to check to ensure everything is working and how to fix it if it is not.

How can I connect the IPR range of IP Gateways to my radio equipment?

With their ability to connect existing analog radio equipment and networks to an IP network, the IPR series of Radio over IP (RoIP) interfaces greatly increase the reach of your radio network at a low cost.

See the attached Fact Sheet to see how easy it is to connect the IPR series to your radio equipment.

How can I access my two way radio network from my SIP enabled phone?

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is one of the many exciting solutions achieved by using the IPR110Plus. For example, you can have the ability to talk to a radio from your VoIP enabled PBX, mobile phone or computer.

For information, on how to connect an IPR110Plus to a SIP server see our fact sheet.

How can I connect -48V PABX Equipment to Omnitronics Products?

Some equipment such as PABX units, IP Multiplexers and Routers commonly have -48V 4 wire +E&M interfaces. This equipment requires special consideration when connecting to Omnitronics equipment.

See the attached fact sheet to learn how.

How does DMR benefit Dispatch Centers?

There has been alot of recent media coverage surrounding DMR and it’s pro’s & con’s. Most of these articles discuss the benefits of using DMR as pat of the overall infrastructure, but what benefit does it provide to dispatch centers and operators?

Download the Fact Sheet here.

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