5 Dispatch Features Harnessing New Technology

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Communication technology has come a long way.
Staying in touch and liaising with a large number of people can be a challenge for even the most organized operations. Yet, when it comes to choosing an appropriate solution to implement, it can be difficult to find options that can be integrated into already existing systems.

Omnitronics’ digital radio products can alleviate these issues by providing organizations of any size with effective communication tools. Our range of radio dispatch solutions – including the RediTALK, RediTALK Air and Alto – enable easy access and use of different technologies to make network users’ experience as convenient as possible.
Let’s talk about five features of our interoperable dispatch systems.

1. SIP Telephony

Introducing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Telephony to our RediTALK dispatch solution has enabled more people to communicate with each other.  This eliminates connection barriers between previously incompatible equipment, especially when both phones and a radio network are used.

Organizations therefore have the capacity to stay in touch with more users through a few simple steps. The process of SIP Telephony involves an operator selecting a relevant contact using the “Phone” button, patching the call to a radio user and choosing to participate in the conversation.

2. Advanced Audio Controls

One very useful feature is the ability for operators to change the volume on individual channels or talk groups independently of the master volume control. This allows specific conversations to be prioritized and easily distinguished. Conversely, high level signals and shrieks can be reduced with the click of a button thereby reducing the risk to the operators’ hearing.

Additionally, the flexibility of switching between headsets or speakers for network communication allows users to choose their preferred method effectively.

3. Display Customization

With personalized technology predicted to hit 64 per cent penetration in the US mobile market, according to Statista, radio dispatch consoles are also moving into the realm of user customization. It is increasingly common for individuals to personalize their gadgets – from mobile phone cases to menu color schemes.

On the RediTALK system, for example, you can drag and drop windows on your display screen and experiment with sizes, colors and fonts. Through this, you’re able to not only improve the aesthetics of your interface, but highlight those features that are most important for your specific requirements.

4. Integrated Contacts

Ticking off checklist
Omnitronics’ system can keep track of your call history.
Organizations communicating with a large number of people via radio on a daily basis will benefit from the ability to integrate full contact lists with your Omnitronics dispatch console solution. Adding, prioritizing, grouping and managing a whole network of connections with analog Selcall IDs, digital radio number or phone numbers is now possible.

Transcending the traditional function of calling people by selecting a name, our solutions allow you to choose to send a text message directly from the window if preferred. On top of that, technological advancement also allows you to filter groups of individuals so that certain contacts are only available on specific radio channels.

5. Call History and Rapid Recall

In a dynamic work environment, there are many reasons to have a record of all recent activity. Quick access to incoming or outgoing calls through Call History allows for transparent communication between operators. Further, Omnitronics’ radio dispatch consoles are searchable, opening new opportunities to follow up calls.

Taking this another step further, the Rapid Recall function within RediTALK automatically records all transmissions coming into the network, allowing dispatchers to replay portions of a call, or even all of it. This ensures that, even in case of an emergency when the stress of a situation may cause an individual to forget important information, all required details are easily available.

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