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5 Ways the Right Dispatch Console Saves Operators Time

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The constant evolution of technology in the workplace brings with it some tremendous benefits, chief amongst them being improvements to productivity. Regardless of the industry, every organization is welcoming of new tools to help them do more in less time.

For individuals and agencies whose day-to-day duties involve radio communications, the ability to contact or respond to people while under pressure and without delay is immensely valuable. Technology solutions are making this task easier, and new features are being developed regularly to reduce frustration in the communication process.

Here’s a list of the five best features developed for Omnitronics products that can save time for operators.

The right dispatch console can streamline your communications.

At Your Fingertips

Integrated Contacts

One of the primary concerns organizations have when interacting with their dispatch solutions is a simple one – how easily can they find and communicate with the people they need to? When time is of the essence, any delays locating crucial contact information can lead to some serious problems.

The integrated contacts feature within the omnicore Series of Radio Dispatch Management Systems puts those crucial details right at your fingertips. Once you have added a new contact to your system – an operation that takes just a couple of clicks – your integrated contact database sits in a customizable, easily accessible menu.

Further efficiency can be added through levels of importance attached to each contact. Emergency services, for example, or simply the people you communicate with the most, can be given a prime spot on your contact list so you’ll never have trouble finding their details again.


Rapid Recall

Effective communication involves more than just the in-the-moment dialogue with another person – it’s important that all the most essential information from the exchange is retained and acted upon where necessary. That said, making sure you catch every single detail from every conversation can sometimes be challenging.

Fortunately, improvements to dispatch console equipment also helps in this regard, with features such as Rapid Recall available. Going beyond simply logging calls after they take place, the solution automatically records all communications, allowing select parts or entire calls to be replayed later.


Display Customization

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One of the hallmarks of modern devices is personalization – the ability to calibrate the tools we use specifically to match our own tastes and preferences. No two people’s ways of working are identical, and being able to arrange your workspace precisely the way you want it can help improve your productivity and effectiveness.

All omnicore Dispatch Management Systems, no matter what size, are packed full of features, covering all the potential applications a communications facility may need. With that in mind, it’s likely that some of the individual functions in the system will be rarely used by your organization – if they’re even used at all.

Rather than remove those features, however, omnicore Dispatch gives users the ability to move and resize windows within the program as they wish, bringing the most essential functions to the forefront and docking away any that are less relevant to them.

A customized display can improve productivity.


Work Groups

Another challenge common to many dispatch console users is managing all of the disparate users on their network. Isolating just those you need to speak to at a given moment can reduce the chances of confusion, and help to establish a much more efficient and productive communication solution.

Functioning in harmony with the integrated contacts function – which allows you to separate users on your network into distinct sets – work groups allow you to divide large numbers of radios on your network into separate tabs. It’s a further means of freeing your dispatch console from clutter that can hamper your ability to contact the people you need to in a timely fashion.

Location Services

Dial From Maps

In certain industries and occupations, being able to reach out audibly over the airwaves isn’t enough – sometimes you need the ability to see a radio user’s location. Should a person on your network cross the boundary of a geofence, for example, being able to contact them and check in on their movements can be a useful additional feature.

With the dial from maps function – part of the Advanced Location Services suite available with Omnitronics dispatch – the dispatch operator will receive an alert indicating where a radio user is, and can then call or text message them directly at their location. Simply hovering over the radio location on the map within the Concole brings up an easy-to-use menu, and operators can then monitor the user to ensure relevant action is taken.

The above list is just a sample of the features available to dispatch console operators who choose a solution from Omnitronics. Get in touch with us today, and see what further productivity enhancements your organization could benefit from.

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