Case Study

Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta’s Communications Network Upgraded To Radio Over IP

The transportation department of a large multi‐ campus hospital with over 20 locations required a system upgrade to manage their 12 radio repeaters that cover activities at all of the campus sites and their fleet of ambulances, access vans and helicopters. As the radio network is used to coordinate the transportation of the most vulnerable part of society, children, the system needed to be highly reliable to ensure communication lines remain open.

The Transportation Department was already using dispatch equipment, but the infrastructure was old and no longer supported by the manufacturer. Additionally, radios were connected to the dispatch consoles via leased lines. Installing IPR400s at the remote repeater locations allowed the hospital to remove their leased lines which saved them enough money in the first month to pay for the entire new system. Installing IPR Dispatch on the dispatch operator’s PC’s allowed them to reclaim valuable desk space that was being used to house the prior dispatch consoles.

Customer Profile

Transportation Department of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta



• Replacing Leased Lines with IP Connectivity
• Upgrading Dispatch Consoles

Products Used

– IPRdispatch

Business Benefits

Removed Ongoing Costs Of Expensive Leased Lines

Simple to Operate


Flexibility To Adapt

Space Saving


Highly Reliable

The Challenge

Replace Existing Expensive Leased Lines

The challenge was to replace existing expensive leased lines with IP connectivity and replace aging dispatch consoles with state of the art software‐only consoles.

Case Study

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Communications Network upgraded to Radio over IP

The Solution

IPRdispatch Was Installed

IPR400’s were connected to the repeater network and IPRdispatch was installed on dispatcher PC’s.


A Cost Effective Solution

The application requirement was met with a cost effective solution. So cost effective that the savings from the old leased lines paid for the new system in the first month of use. There was no increase in ongoing costs as the client already had an IP network.

The solution was simple to implement and install and didn’t require network
reprogramming. And because the console system was software only,  ispatchers were able to use wireless headsets allowing them more freedom to roam around their offices.

Thanks to Don Smith and Mobile Communications of DeKalb for providing a reliable innovative solution for another client.

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