Critical Communications Feature: Surf Life Saving Queensland’s Radio System

Surf lifesaver wading into water with rescue board
Over 4.5 years Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) has been upgrading their legacy analog system to a digital system consisting of of ICOM IDAS Radios and Omnitronics’ DX-Altus Dispatch Consoles. Omnitronics’ Premium Partner, AA Radio, designed and coordinated the upgrade.

By working together closely as a team, SLSQ, AA Radio, ICOM and Omnitronics were able to implement a solution that met the communications demands of more than 30,000 volunteers across 58 clubs along Queenslands coast.

“The really good part about this whole process is that it’s never been a case of ‘their part of the network’ or ‘our part of the network’. If there’s a problem, we’re all in on it,” says (ICOM’s) Bresnahan. “We had a couple of issues that were clearly just Icom problems; well, Omnitronics were there all the way to make sure we found where our problem was. And likewise, when there was an Omnitronics design issue, we had guys up in Queensland working hand in hand with them, making sure they got it across the line. It was brilliant; it was just like one team.”

To see a full feature article on the solution click here: Critical Communications

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