DX-Altus: Providing Safer Waters for New Zealand’s North Island

Coastguard Northern Region is an integral part of saving lives at sea in New Zealand. They are grouped into four sectors across the country. North, South, East and Central sections, that they name regions. The Northern Coastguard Region includes all of Northland, Auckland, part of the Coromandel and part of the Waikato region – in terms of New Zealand provincial regions. Central is split between both islands with areas surrounding the Cook Straight (Wellington, Tasman, Malborough and Wairorapa regios), and so on.

The recently installed a DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System as part of the upgrade of the Coastguard Operations Centre, providing vital information and coordination of Coastguard’s search and rescue resources around the north island coast.

This project is a major milestone and development for the organisation to ensure the Coastguard Operations Centre is future proofed for both population growth and search and rescue demands.

Customer Profile

Coastguard Northern Region



Facilitating Search and Rescue operations across the North Island of New Zealand.

Products Used

– DX-Altus
IPR400 RoIP Gateways

Business Benefits

Interoperability Across Multiple Technologies

Cost Effective.

Easily Expandable

Simple to Use

Minimal Training Required.

The Challenge

Efficient Upgrade

Coastguard’s Operations Centre operates 24/7. The challenge was to provide a technology platform that was more robust, future proofed whilst enhancing capability and satisfying the requirements of being able to monitor a multitude of channels. In addition to this a key need was its usability for a range of personnel levels.


We Include More in Your Dispatch System

Easy to Use
Touchscreen cad interface with a configurable layout

Up to 60 operators & 224 radio channels

Analytics & Reporting
Optimize productivity & efficiency via data insights

Centralized modular server with contacts database

cad dispatch

Location Services
Integrated real time tracking of personnel & assets

Connect with modern & legacy systems

Integrate & customize with third party applications

Rapid Recall
Public safety grade instant audio recording & playback

The Solution

A Perfect Fit

The latest in dispatching technology, the unique modular architecture of the DX-Altus has provided a dispatch management solution that is highly robust, reliable and can easily expand without disruption. The DX-Altus connects to the Coastguard’s wider network using Radio over IP.


Hear From our Customers

“This system has been a significant step forward for Coastguard as we continue to face an increased demand from water users. Its usability and multi-channel capacity sets it apart and we are extremely happy with the result.”

Coastguard Representative


Set for the Future

With this consolidation effort, Coastguard Northern Region is able to make more effective use of its resources. The DX-Altus has helped make the centre more technically capable, increased its ability to interface with a broader range of rescue agencies and increased its ability to better service Coastguards’ extensive VHF coverage and infrastructure.

Case Study

DX-Altus: Providing Safer Waters for New Zealand’s North Island

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