The Florida National Guard installed a Tait P25 system. As part of the upgrade, they also installed Omnitronics RediTALK consoles in order to maximize their use of radio network resources. RediTALK was chosen due to its advanced digital radio feature set and its network flexibility.

Customer Profile

Government Defense



RediTALK integration on Tait P25 Network

Products Used

– RediTALK

Business Benefits

Improved Utilization of Radio Network Resources

Quick & Efficient Upgrade

Simple IP Voice Recorders

Simple to Use

Flexibility To Adapt

The Challenge

Interoperability Across Organizations

Built on a Radio over IP backbone, RediTALK also supports interoperability to radio systems from other vendors using a range of standard and proprietary protocols. This allows for simpler communications to neighbouring government and public safety organizations.

Case Study

Florida National Guard RediTalk for P25

The Solution

Integration With IP Recording

As the network is interconnected using Radio over IP Gateways, integration with third-party voice recorders is simple using IP. The customer was able to choose the best voice recording option to suit their needs.

RediTALK enables the Florida National Guard to increase the efficiency of their P25 network by making full use of the security and control features available on the radios. This includes the ability for dispatchers to monitor and control the state of radios
on the network.

Product Focus



Connect technologies, protocols & vendors

Easy to Use

Clean & customizable user interface


Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency

See who calls where and when


Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking / Patching

Connect groups of radios in real time


Receive, make calls & patch to radios

Location Services

Advanced people & asset tracking


Set for the Future

By integrating RediTALK with the P25 Radio Network, Florida National Guard is able to get maximum utilization of their radio network. In addition, due to the flexible nature of the IP network, the system can continue to adapt to changing needs.

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

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