It’s Official! We’re Now Certified With Tait P25 CSSI

Omnitronics omniConnect Technology Adds Tait P25 CSSI Certification to the List.

True & Tested Interoperability Extends Capabilities Yet Again.

For decades, mission-critical communications have benefitted from Omnitronics’ capability to connect and unify radio systems comprising of disparate equipment, protocols and communications methods. In their mission to offer complete interoperability and flexibility from cross-banding to full inter-agency cooperation, Omnitronics consoles have now passed certification testing on the Tait Technology Partner Program.

After rigorous testing, Omnitronics are proud to announce they are now certified Tait TN9400 P25 CSSI Phase 1 and Phase 2 with full support for encryption.

When we say interoperability, we mean interoperability. It’s not just a slogan we use, we put in the hard yards of research, development, engineering and testing to ensure our omniconnect technology does exactly that: Connect All,” says Omnitronics Research and Development Manager Paul Whitfield.

The organization’s objective is to unify communications through intelligent systems that streamline processes, connect users and maximize productivity of mission critical operations.

This Tait Technology Partner Program certification joins a long list of interoperability capabilities with further partner accreditations in the pipeline.

View the official certification here.

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