Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has approached Electrodata to develop a solution for replacing its analog recorders with ones capable of recording directly from the multichannel RoIP streams.

MSQ is charged with ensuring the safe transit of shipping through Queensland’s waterways and to protect both lives and the state’s pristine coral reef environment and coastline. Its operators use a network of VHF radios covering the state’s coastline and waters to communicate with ships and provide a safety service.

The radios at many remote sites are connected to Omnitronics IPR units which convert the analog radio input and output, to digital data which are forwarded through the company’s IP network and can be accessed by operators at any of the five vessel traffic service centres throughout the state. The use of RoIP allows operators to communicate with ships that are thousands of kilometres away.

See the full article here: RoIP recording solution for Maritime Safety Qld :: RadioComms.

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