Case Study

P25 Emergency Management in the DX-Altus for Mine Site

Anglo American’s Capcoal coal mining operation in the Queensland Bowen Basin, installed the DX‐Altus Digital Radio Management System for managing their mine radio communications including Emergency and Blast Warnings over their P25 Radio System.

Customer Profile

Coal Mining Operator



Emergency & Blast Tones over P25

Products Used

– DX-Altus
– Alto

Business Benefits

Improves Safety And Emergency Response Times

Simple Setup



Highly Reliable

Simple Operation

The Challenge

Emergency Tones To Be Transmitted  Over A P25 Vocoded System

Capcoal required unique and customisable blast and emergency tones to be transmitted  over a P25 vocoded system that could quickly and easily be enacted by radio users or dispatch operators.

Case Study

P25 Emergency Management in the DX-Altus for Mine Site

The Solution

Both Emergency And Blast Tones Configured

Both Emergency and Blast Tones are configured from the DX‐Altus’ central server which can be easily accessed through a web browser. The tones were customised to suit Capcoal’s required tones by changing frequencies, timings, repetition and volumes as well as sending Status Messages.

A radio user can then enact the Emergency or Blast tones from the Radio Menu or Operators can enact it from Alto, ensuring optimum response times. Operators will then PTT directly to the pre‐configured Emergency or Blast Channels or Groups.


Ensure The Safety Of Their Workforce Over P25 Radios.

The DX‐Altus’ Emergency Management module has provided Capcoal with an efficient and customisable solution to help ensure the safety of their workforce over P25 radios.

Thanks to Nixon Communications for the excellent work they did integrating the DX‐Altus Radio Management System in to the Capcoal P25 Radio System.

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