Surf Lifesaving New South Wales

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch Helps Keep NSW Beaches Safe

The Omnitronics omnicore Enterprise Dispatch System has been selected by Surf Life Saving New South Wales in Australia to manage radio communications for 129 clubs and more than 60 lifeguard services as part of a range of upgrades that are critical for delivering frontline lifesaving services.

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch will be installed at the Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) State Operations Centre (SOC) at the SLSNSW Headquarters at Belrose in Northern Sydney.

This vital piece of mission-critical technology will include floating radio dispatch console licenses for 12 dispatch operators who manage communications on 22 radio channels across the state.

The SOC and 65 repeater sites along over 2,000kms of Pacific Ocean coastline, from the Queensland border in the North to Eden on the South Coast, are connected using an existing DMR T2 Network. 20,000 volunteer patrol members, as well as paid lifeguards at 80 locations along the NSW coastline, are tasked with protecting 8.5 million beach goers annually, including at popular Byron Bay, Manly and the iconic Bondi beaches.

As an omnicore Beta user, the state’s peak water safety and rescue organisation has had the opportunity to try and test the radio dispatch system on 2x fixed and 2x mobile dispatch operator stations before committing to buy, and, in addition, the organization was able to directly feedback suggestions for possible future enhancements to the system’s feature-set.

“We have been able to experience first-hand how well the omnicore radio dispatch system integrates into our existing environment and how easy and flexible the dispatch system is: from product installation and configuration to the centralized management, user experience, performance and scalability”, says SLSNSW State Operations Centre Manager Andrew Ugarte.

John Florenca, Omnitronics CEO adds: “Surf Life Saving NSW has relied on Omnitronics to provide a dependable dispatch solution for many years. We’re very pleased and proud to deliver the next generation mission critical technology in omnicore that will support their future needs. We look forward to working with Surf to get the best out of their new system so that they continue to provide this vital service to our community”.

The system integrates seamlessly with the organization’s existing technologies including Omnitronics DX-Altus and RediTALK-Flex dispatch consoles utilizing both existing and new RoIP & Interoperability gateways. During business hours 12 omnicore console operators will manage communications from the State Operations Centre. After hours and in emergencies, omnicore is used as a mobile dispatch console on fully ruggedised Panasonic Toughbook tablets, giving the team of lifesavers a range of flexible communications options that help them safeguard the public 24/7/365 and simultaneously serve as a redundancy should the SOC become unavailable. Installation will be completed by the end of September 2021 in time for the Australian 2021/2022 summer season.

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Surf Lifesaving NSW Includes 129 Clubs & 60 Lifeguard Services Along 2,000km of Pacific Ocean Coastline



Managing Water Safety & Rescue Communications

Products Used

  • omnicore Enterprise Dispatch System
  • RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Console
  • DX-Altus Dispatch

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Beach Safety

Centralised Updates

Integrated Mapping

Easy Operator Training

Mobile Dispatch System

Enterprise Radio Dispatch Management


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