Omnitronics’ Innovative New Dispatch Console RediTALK-Flex

Omnitronics Raises the Bar Again with the Cutting-Edge Soft Dispatch Offering RediTALK-Flex
Omnitronics, a leading provider of world-class mission critical communication systems, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest dispatch console, the exciting new RediTALK-Flex.

Building upon the platform that launched the original RediTALK application to success, RediTALK-Flex has been designed to provide you with the ultimate in flexibility and customization, all the while ensuring the high performance and reliability that the Omnitronics consoles are renowned for.

RediTALK-Flex incorporates over 30 years of dispatcher’s invaluable feedback on our systems and has been developed in collaboration with major radio manufacturers, guaranteeing its ability to deliver full digital radio functionality and comprehensive location services. It provides seamless integration of major radio technologies including DMR (Tier II & III), MotoTRBO, P25, Tetra and NXDN, making it suitable for all organizations regardless of whether they are migrating to new digital networks or using a combination of digital and analogue technologies. Being so adaptable, RediTALK-Flex can easily be expanded and updated as required, ensuring its ability to perform to an exacting standard for many years to come.

RediTALK-Flex is our most scalable VoIP console solution to date”, said John Florenca, Omnitronics CEO. “An entry level package starts with two channels, GPS monitoring and full digital call functionality. This can be expanded and enhanced with additional channels, geofencing, historical GPS tracking and radio patching. A package can easily be tailored to suit your applications and budgets”.

RediTALK-Flex is available worldwide through Omnitronics’ extensive reseller network.

For more information on Omnitronics’ advanced dispatching application, please click here.

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