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Online Operator, Supervisor, and Technical Training
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24 March 2022
Perth, Australia

Omnitronics Launches NEW Online Learning Portal omniacademy

Officially releasing on March 3 in a series of Webinars around the globe, the new omniacademy Online Learning Portal for Radio Dispatch Operators, Dispatch Supervisors, as well as technical teams and Resellers will provide a new training option, available on-demand 24/7/365.

Mission-critical communications provider Omnitronics has been leading industry with Radio Dispatch Systems, Radio over IP, and Interoperability solutions that go beyond the one-size-fits-all offering that is marketed by other major players in industry.

They have made a name in customized solutions that fit client requirements and interconnect most proprietary solutions all into the one system, irrespective of vendor, protocol, or technology. Adding to that, the company will engineer additional functionality that will meet a client’s specific organizational needs.

Traditionally, Omnitronics would make trainers available for site-based onboarding, be it for Dispatch Operators themselves, or Radio Dispatch Supervisors who then deliver on-the-job training for their teams of Console Operators.

Travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have seen online training increase and ignited the spark to develop a state-of-the-art online training portal dubbed the omniacademy. Used by major clients for customized courses over the past 12 months already, omniacademy will now officially launch to a wider audience with an Online Dispatch Operator course featuring all omnicore Enterprise Dispatch functionalities.

Comprising a series of short videos, each lesson has been developed with different learner styles and adult learning principles in mind. A trainer demonstrates how a Console functionality works and explains the different ways to use it, including actual examples.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate at the end. A Group Management function allows organizations to self-manage users and view course progress and completion analytics.

“I am excited about the possibilities, and essentially cost and time savings this opens up for our clients. omniacademy is developed as a value-adding service, intended to give our customers an additional, easy-to use tool to make their project a long-term success” says Tina Mucha, Omnitronics Global Marketing Manager.

omniacademy will give organizations the freedom to train new operators as and when they need, with a consistent learner experience that is available 24/7/365 i.e. to onboard new staff or upskill existing team members in a fast and efficient way. The web-based Learning Management System is available anywhere, all that’s required is internet connectivity.

Access to the course is available through subscription from 3 March 2022 or free of charge for clients with large Omnitronics systems as part of their Premium omnicare Support & Maintenance Plans.

We’ll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

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