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RediTalk displayed on triple monitor setup


Omnitronics partners with Tait to supply RediTALK Radio Dispatch System to South America

Omnitronics are pleased to announce that our RediTALK Digital Radio Dispatch Console has been sold into South America together with Tait’s DMR-AIS Tier 3 Trunked Radio system.  The client will use RediTALK’s fully integrated GPS functionality, with its intuitive but powerful display filter.  This filter allows several clients in Hortolandia to share the same DMR radio network.  Tait and Omnitronics have partnered to develop this powerful DMR-AIS Tier 3 console interface.


Omnitronics and Direct Communications Provides Electronics Company with RediTALK Dispatch System

Earlier this year, a Perth based electrical company were looking for a console system that would enable voice and GPS communications from the office to their fleet.
Direct Communications (an Omnitronics Premium Partner) had recently installed a Tier 3 DMR trunk network into the Perth Metro. This was the ideal radio network to supply the Customer with the necessary coverage and connection capability to a soft console. After trialling Omnitronics’ RediTalk, it was selected as the best solution for their situation.
Omnitronics, in conjunction with Direct Communications, supplied and commissioned the latest RediTalk soft consoles to the Customer. This provides voice communications from the office environment to the vehicles with the added benefit of the GPS tracking.
The GPS data is fully integrated into the RediTalk software and shows real time tracking and status of the vehicles, as well as long term storage of historical data.
Matt McDonough (Projects & Engineering Manager) –Omnitronics were fantastic during the integration stage. At short notice they were able to provide the extra effort and engineering assistance to fulfil the customer’s requirements”.
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