Omnitronics Receives Key Partner Award from Leading Technology Partner Tait Communications

Omnitronics, a leading manufacturer of world-class mission critical communication systems, is pleased to announce the recent presentation of the Tait Partner of the Year award to CEO John Florenca.
Awarded by Product Manager Ellery Hurn at the Tait Global Technology Partner Forum in Las Vegas, the award is a celebration of over 8 years of collaboration and partnership between two leading providers of innovative radio communication technologies; a partnership that is continuing to grow from strength to strength.
The Award was established to highlight the effort of Key Partners that have worked closely with the team at Tait throughout the year, and who continue to push the boundaries of radio communications through innovative and sophisticated solutions.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by Tait Communications for our engineering effort, particularly in relation to the development of a console to complement Tait’s DMR Tier-2 radio system” said John Florenca, CEO of Omnitronics. “It’s a wonderful reward for our engineering team who have worked very closely with Tait engineering and product development to deliver a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution. This shows the value of real collaboration in development and testing and we hope to showcase more successes very soon”.
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Tait Communications is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing critical communications solutions.
Tait provides communication software, products and services to utilities and public safety organizations all over the world, priding itself on its international customer base and global support services.

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