Radio Over IP for Disaster Recovery

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 With so many natural disasters in recent years (the Christchurch Earthquakes, QLD Floods and Australian Bush  Fires to name a few) organizations are now thinking about how to maintain their communications networks during these times, when they are needed most. No longer does this just apply to Emergency Services but also to Utilities, Transportation, Resources and all other groups that support the affected communities

By utilising the power of Radio over IP, organizations are not only able to easily manage their networks over a wide geographical area but also to easily add multiple dispatch centers whether they are for day‐to‐day operations or as a redundant site.

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A combination of types of dispatch consoles can also be used on the one network: from a full‐service omnicore radio management system in the main center to portable RediTALK-Flex dispatch consoles to the rugged, PC‐free 960 consoles. No matter which site operators are at, they will have access to the same radio channels through the same radio network. Furthermore, traffic from a repeater site can also be sent to more than one location using VoIP multicast communications or Omnitronics unique VoIP conferencing facility where networks do not support multicast communications.

Ultimately Radio over IP provides organisations with the ability to set up their networks so radio communications are available at all times.

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