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A Rural Electric Cooperative was looking to simplify and reduce running costs for their radio network without compromising reliability. Three regional offices needed to communicate through 4 radio repeaters to mobile maintenance crews. The existing microwave system provided by
Maplenet Wireless was to be used to carry voice data in the IP environment. The IP network would provide for future expansion. Reliable communication was a critical factor when choosing a solution to support maintenance crews working in remote locations, often in harsh environmental conditions.


Customer Profile

Electrical Cooperative with customers across mountainous regions



Reliable radio dispatch across mountainous regions using microwave linked IP network


Products Used

– IPRdispatch Dispatch Consoles
– 960SIP Dispatch Consoles
– IPR110Plus Gateways

Business Benefits

Increased Flexibility And Improved Response Times


Easy to Use


Communicate Across Terrain




Increased Flexibility

The Challenge

Ability to Recover to A Stable State in the Event of a Complete Drop Out

To simplify operations, all 3 offices needed to communicate to the repeater sites individually and to hear each other. A broadcast call from any office to all 4 repeaters was also a requirement. Unlike conventional hard wired IP links, microwave links can have short periods of high packet loss due to atmospheric conditions. The additional technical challenge was to cater for these losses and be able to recover to a stable state in the event of complete drop out.

The Solution

Better Radio Management and More Directional Radio Traffic

Combinations of IPRdispatch and 960SIP Consoles were used to provide the right interface for different dispatcher’s requirements. The 960SIP consoles provided a simple to use, rugged console point whilst IPRdispatch was used on existing PCs. The IPR110Plus provided the audio hub of the Radio over IP communications. The unique Omnitronics Conference Mode was used to relay repeater audio to all dispatch points and all dispatch audio to other offices. This provided better radio management and more directional radio traffic to users.


Simplicity of use and Still Meeting Budget Constraints

Maplenet Wireless and Coupe Communications took the time to understand the client’s operational requirements, with the added focus of providing a solution that would be easy to maintain for many years to come. By using the existing Microwave infrastructure and Omnitronics building blocks, the client able to get the right balance of reliability, ‘simplicity of use’ and still fit budget constraints.

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

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