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Top 5 Ways Dispatch Consoles Aid Continuous Business Improvement

As the world becomes more mobile and interconnected, businesses must ensure they have instant coordination capabilities and seamless information flows. Digital radio technologies such as DMR and NEXEDGE offer affordable digital communications without overwhelming complexity.

Yet, a digital communication system needs to be paired with a highly functional dispatch console to ensure effective coordination and management of administrative and emergency tasks. By coupling the two, you can ensure your organization is continuously improving its operational systems and reducing waste. For your benefit, we have compiled five ways dispatch consoles facilitate continuous business improvement.

Is a dispatch console the missing cog in your digital radio system?

Call History

1. On-Demand Evaluation

One of the most important features of a dispatch system is the ability to access Call History. The feature maps calls to and from the operator as well as text messages, creating a record of recent and missed calls and ensuring operators do not miss essential communications.

The successes – and failures – of an organization are ripe learning experiences. Call History allows the organization to evaluate and report on communication processes, implementing systematic and empirically grounded enhancements where needed. It also allows for oversight of workforce performance and enables managers to review the actions of staff following a past event.


2. Improve On-Boarding

Short-term voice logs offer organizations an excellent tool to improve the effectiveness of on-boarding processes. Whilst Call History documents events, short-term Voice Logs keeps a record of the actual calls.

By logging calls, even for a short time, managers can review communication processes and implement changes to organizational best practice. This can then be used to re-evaluate your on-boarding curriculum and upgrade workforce capabilities.

The Rapid Recall feature can also be used to great effect during an emergency – where details can be lost – by ensuring nothing is missed. Instead of asking radio users to repeat crucial information, the dispatch operator can replay calls, saving vital minutes and allowing radio users to focus on the emergency at hand.


3. Ensuring Compliance

One of the major themes of modern businesses is the intensification of industry regulation. Dispatch systems offer organizations the assurance that if a compliance issues arises, duty officers can look back on radio and telephone communications as part of due diligence efforts.

Whether it’s ensuring health and safety standards have been satisfied or legal obligations were met, long term recordings are a management tool every organization needs in their arsenal. When paired with the Rapid Recall features of a dispatch console, operators can manage compliance risk on the spot as well as later down the track.


4. Real-Time Asset Tracking

Fleet of white vans
Digital radios have an in-built feature that allows them to transmit GPS coordinates. People, vehicles and other assets can be displayed on the console GUI, with information updated in real time.

The obvious advantages of this lie in health and safety, where geofences and other measures can ensure you are alerted if a worker wanders into a dangerous area, such as an explosive risk zone. However, it can also be used to manage workforce performance, mapping asset movements virtually and offering a basis for analytics.

Keeping track of your assets has never been easier.


5. Historic Route Playback

Optimal use of GPS data can not only help in times of crisis, but also ensure business improvement. Using the event history log, dispatchers can individually select radio ID and date and time to retrace steps of all assets. When paired with custom warnings, the dispatch console’s Event History queue can warn operators of habitual incidents such as road traffic, allowing them to implement contingency plans as needed.

It’s time you allowed your dispatchers to coordinate quicker, and provide better intelligence for those in the field. Make sure you talk to Omnitronics, the experts in the field of digital radio technologies.

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