Located in Northwest Tennessee, Trenton Police Department had been using an old button based dispatch console for many, many years. However, over time, they found they could not take advantage of new developments and improvements in dispatch technology, as their console simply didn’t have the features and flexibility available today.

Customer Profile

Trenton Police Department



Replace button-based mechanical radio dispatch console with PC-based new generation Omnitronics dispatch software

Products Used

Omnitronics Dispatch Console
DRG100 RoIP Gateway
IPR400 S2 Interoperability Gateway
IPR100 RoIP Gateway
IPR110+ RoIP Gateway

Business Benefits

Modern State of The Art Dispatch Technology

Simple and Intuitive Operation

More Efficient Communications


Easy To Expand

Faster Response Times

The Challenge

Finding A Solution That Could Accommodate Their Existing 6 Radio Channels

The challenge was to find an affordable console solution that could accommodate their existing 6 radio channels, including the ability to continue to support 2-tone paging capability to volunteer fire departments, without requiring major upgrades. In addition, it should enable them to expand and grow their operations without the need for complex and costly wiring.

Finally in 2019, they were given the opportunity to upgrade to a PC based dispatch system with IP radio connectivity. Not wanting to spend a fortune, they consulted with their local two way shop. Area Wide Communications (AWC), a trained and Certified Omnitronics Premium Partner, recommended Omnitronics dispatch as the most suitable replacement for their button-based console. AWC have looked after radio and dispatch maintenance for Trenton Police Department for many years and Trenton PD trusts their advice.

Product Focus

Omnitronics Dispatch


Connect technologies, protocols & vendors

Easy to Use

Clean & customizable user interface


Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency

See who calls where and when


Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking / Patching

Connect groups of radios in real time


Receive, make calls & patch to radios

Location Services

Advanced people & asset tracking

The Solution


Replacing the old button based consoles with Omnitronics dispatch software was also seen as an opportunity for the Department to clean up and reduce the wiring between Dispatch and the Control Station Radios in their center

According to Police Chief Bill Cusson, new features such as instant recall recording, which he said they needed for a very long time, remote microphone and headset capability, and GPS location features have really improved their dispatch capabilities.

Chief Cusson also said that the audio clarity and the ability to monitor multiple channels at one time have also been very helpful. He found it very easy to adapt from a mechanical button console to a PC based console solution.

Sherrill Belew, the owner of Area Wide Communications, said the Omnitronics IP gateways allowed for a very fast and easy installation with only Ethernet cables required to connect into the network for communications to the Omnitronics console position.

The Setup

Network Diagram


Safety & Productivity

According to Sherrill, Trenton Police Department has had zero issues and down time since it has been installed. He further stated “Working with Omnitronics and getting set up as a dealer has been a pleasure. Omnitronics offers a simple and straight forward solution that is cost effective to a budget conscious Public Safety communications center”.

Trenton Police Department dispatchers say that the Omnitronics Console was the change they needed in their dispatch center. “With its up-todate technology, we run faster and smoother”.

Case Study

Trenton PD Readies its
Dispatch Center for 21st Century Technologyn


Hear From Our Customers

“We love the playback feature. This is something we have wanted for a very long time. We like that we have the ability to map our jurisdiction area. While we don’t yet use the mapping feature, we are happy that it is a possibility for the future. We like that the microphone is not attached to the console, so that we can move it around if needed. We also like that with the PC based console, we can hear the police department & fire department at the same time, which was not a feature available to us on the button based console.”

Bill Cusson, Chief of Police at Trenton Police Department

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