Using RoIP as Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Smoke from bushfire
With so many natural disasters in recent years (the Christchurch earthquakes, Qld floods and Black Saturday bushfires to name a few), organisations are now thinking about how to maintain their communications networks during these times, when they are needed most.

Keeping the radio network up and running not only ensures a quick and efficient response, it also helps keep field personnel and community members as safe as possible.

No longer does this just apply to emergency services but also to utilities, transportation, resources and all other groups that support the affected communities.

Maintaining communications during and following these events takes a lot of planning and can prove quite difficult due to the number of unknowns. Radio over IP (RoIP) is a useful tool to provide organisations with the flexibility to adapt to a range of situations quickly and easily.

See the full article here: Radio Comms

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