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Remote Radio Dispatch Operators

COVID-19 is changing the world. It is changing the way we think, act, interact, communicate, socialize, work and prepare. Challenging times tend to unearth new strategies and resources that would ordinarily not have surfaced or been applied under normal circumstances. Amongst the doom and gloom of this global disaster, there is a bright spot: the pandemic is fostering the creativity of organizations large and small to come up with alternate ways to offer their products and services. Moreover, employers are reviewing flexible work arrangements, equipping their teams to work remotely, reviewing policies and procedures to keep their staff and clients safe, employees developing new skills, new habits, new ways of working.

Before COVID-19, would Public Safety organizations ever have considered having their radio dispatch operators work remotely from their homes?

Now, in times of social distancing, isolation and quarantine, that’s actually a much considered work arrangement. Our mission-critical public safety organizations are much-relied on in times of disaster, BUT they also need to be protected, just like anyone else.

Technology allows us to change the way we work and with radio dispatch consoles that are mobile and work from a tablet or with systems that have servers running in the cloud, a temporary or permanent home office for a radio dispatch worker is turning into reality real fast.

And whilst it may take some time until we adjust to new work environments and circumstances, the safety of our team members takes utmost priority.


RediTALK-Flex Mobile Dispatch

In mission-critical tasks we see that security, police, special response, ambulance, and others working closely together. Stopping the threat, victim rescue and medical assistance require tight collaboration under extreme time pressure. RediTALK-Flex mobile dispatch console can connect all parties and streamline the operation, so the teams can dedicate their attention to what matters most.

Remote Dispatch Operator

Radio Dispatch Options


SML-MED Organizations

<12/24 Operators
<12 Channels

RediTALK-Flex dispatch is an easy to use radio dispatch software, that can be run on a computer, laptop or even a tablet. No matter if the dispatch operator works from the control room, from out in the field, or even from home. RediTALK-Flex dispatch supports Paging, Push to Talk over Cellular and allows for Internet of Things integration for remotely controlling external devices.

 Designed for mission-critical touchscreen operations, the console is a popular replacement option for users of traditional button-based consoles that are now seeking to upgrade. 



Use the Power of IP to connect & unify anywhere



Connect Technologies, protocols & vendors


Duress & Emergency

See who calls where and when


Easy to Use

Clean & customizable user interface



Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements


Radio Linking / Patching

Connect groups of radios in real time


Location Services

Avanced people & asset tracking



Receive, make calls & patch to radios


Tablet Friendly

Mobile Radio Dispatch that can even run on a tablet


MED-LGE Organizations

up to 100+ Operators
up to 200+ Channels

The omnicore dispatch management system can be hosted in the cloud for easy remote acces, no matter where the operator is located, making it a really good solution in times of crisis. This essentially means that the dispatch operator can exercise social distancing or be in lock-down AND continue to do their job, all in the safety of their own home.

Even supervisors or system admins can work from home. The entire server configuration can be accessed remotely via the internet with instant on-the-fly updates to operator consoles. Best of all, this may even be done from a tablet or mobile phone.


Cloud, Site or Data Center

Deploy how it suits you best



Use the Power of IP to connect & unify anywhere



Connect technologies, protocols & vendors


Easy to Use

Touchscreen interface with configurable layout



Sophisticated reporting & analytics into existing systems



Full digital & legacy analog radio system, phone, pagin, SIP


In-Built Location Services

Geofencing, alarms, route playback


Centralized Contacts

Automatically centralize contacts databases into one


High Availability

Fully redundant, data replication, clustering & 24/7/365 Support

We'll find the perfect system for your individual needs.

Case Studies

Dispatch Success Stories

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Omnitronics Dispatch Connects Yazoo County Authorities

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