Are you looking for a Replacement for Tellabs or Charles Industries Conference Bridges?

Omnitronics 619dsri
Omnitronics offers the 619 Series of Audio Bridges as the perfect replacement.

The 619GI/EI Four and Six Port Audio Bridges provide a simple and easy to install solution that are able to be configured in any combination, providing greater flexibility. Providing full 4-Wire bridging facilities on all ports the 619GI and EI have a huge range of applications, such as HF/VHF/UHF radio networks, audio bearer systems, data, model splitters/combiners, public safety address systems, etc.

Alternatively, the 619DSRI provides enhanced performance, increased functionality and simplified interfacing and application configuration. The 619DSRI provides the communications integrator with powerful features that can be used to substantially increase the effectiveness of new and existing radio networks using dynamic configuration.

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