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Communicating over radio in mountain terrain
There’s little doubt that communication is a huge part of every industry, and in fields such as healthcare, transportation or resource extraction, it needs to be as efficient and reliable as possible. Keeping everyone on your team up to date with all the information they may need is crucial, and can make or break whatever project you are working on.

Sometimes conveying those details to only a certain collection of relevant people is the best method of communication. In this Digital Radio Feature Highlight, we’re going to take a look at Group Calling, and just how effective it can be to dispense information to the right people and quickly as possible.

How does it work?

Group Calling, as you might expect, is similar to individual calling, only to multiple recipients rather than just one. Think of it like a targeted public address system – perfect for getting crucial information to the right people simultaneously.

When a selection specific people is the intended audience, a radio dispatcher needs to simply select the appropriate group that they need to contact, either by manually dialling in the designated code or selecting it through their contact list.

Which of our solutions support this feature?

Group Calling is a feature of both our RediTALK and RediTALK Air dispatch solutions, as well as the DX-Atlus Digital Radio Management System. Each product is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with all of your dedicated groups just a few button presses away.

With modern Radio over IP (RoIP) infrastructure and associated digital functions, reaching out to the right people has become easier than ever before.

As mentioned above, Group Calling is most useful when you need to disperse information across a select group of people as quickly as possible. For coordinating your transport networks, for example, you can easily contact your fleet maintenance teams simply by setting up an appropriate group.

Those in the public safety industry will also likely understand the benefits of being able to reach many people at one time. In the event of a civil defense emergency, such as a natural disaster, keeping people informed at all times can save not only time, but also lives.

For more information about Group Calling, you only need to reach out to one team – contact Omnitronics today.

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