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Text Messaging

Exchanging a lot of information often requires vocal communication over digital radio networks. However, what if a dispatcher wants to send a quick notification? What if a work environment is noisy, making it difficult for workers to hear what’s being said?
In this Digital Radio Feature Highlight, we’ll talk about Text Messaging, a convenient, easy-to-use feature that allows dispatchers to send non-urgent notes to radio users.

How does it work?

Workers pointing at radio towers

Workers can receive quick text messages from dispatchers.

Text Messaging works just as dispatchers assume it would. However, instead of using a radio or smartphone to deliver quick reports, notices and instructions, dispatchers utilize the digital radio solution at their disposal.
Depending on whether he or she wants to send a text message to an individual or a group, a dispatcher will have to follow a specific process. To send a text message to an individual, the dispatcher can go to the Contacts Menu using quick dial and select the recipient’s radio ID.
In contrast, sending a text message to a Talk Group entails selecting either a specific channel or a group ID. Dispatchers may select a group ID from the Contact Menu. Group IDs are separated from individual IDs, making it easy for personnel to quickly connect to the relevant parties.

Which of our solutions support this feature?

Text Messaging is available through Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex and omnicore  Enterprise Dispatch solutions.
Sending text messages is relatively simple. As noted above, select the radio ID of the person you wish to contact. After selecting the “Text” option, the Quick Caller will disappear and a text box will come up. In the text box, type in the message you want to deliver and press “Send”. It’s as simple as that.
Workers can receive quick text messages from dispatchers.

When can Text Messaging be of use?

There are many scenarios when Text Messaging can come in handy. For example, suppose a worker calls in sick. A dispatcher can send a quick message to the employee’s supervisor, notifying him or her of the absence.
In another situation, when a list of equipment is due to arrive at a work site, whether at a shipping port, quarry or construction area, a dispatcher may send the list of materials to foreman and other people in charge. This is convenient, given that it may be difficult to hear machine names over radio, especially in loud environments.
Want to know how Text Messaging can benefit your operations? Reach out to Omnitronicsand learn more.

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