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One of the key reasons why having a functional and reliable dispatch solution is critical for your organization is to ensure that all necessary information is communicated as accurately as possible. There may be occasions in which a user needs to quickly check back through the most recent radio calls on the network, or even play back some of the conversation which has just taken place.

In these instances, having the functionality embedded into your dispatch solution can reduce the need for extra equipment. It’s with this operator and radio network efficiency in mind that Omnitronics have built two complementary features into the equipment – Call History and Rapid Recall in the omnicore Enterprise Dispatch console.

Call History With

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch

There can be any number of reasons why you might want to keep a record of incoming or outgoing calls on your radio network. As users change shifts throughout the day they may need to be aware of who has been communicating earlier, for example. Having a convenient list of recent activity, just like you would on a mobile phone, offers quick access to other operators without needing to search for their contact details. Call History can also be effective when investigating workplace incidents or accidents. The console maintains calls for up to 60 days. The export function also provides organisations to internally store calls recorded.

Able to be set for incoming calls, outgoing calls or both, Call History offers a comprehensive chronological listing of all conversations via the dispatch console, which is also easily searchable. Operators can keep track of network activity, and never miss the opportunity to follow up on a call again. In addition, omnicore also provides several filtering options, making it even easier for operators to narrow calls. Call Type (incoming/outgoing), Time, Action, From/To, Channel, and Type (Group Call/Individual Call) are all the different filtering options within the Call History Workspace.

Rapid Recall With

omnicore Enterprise Dispatch

Rapid Recall takes the previous call logging function a step further by adding the automatic recording of all incoming transmissions on the network in that given session. In the event of an emergency, it’s crucial that all details are conveyed and received clearly, but in the heat of the moment it’s possible for some information to be missed.

In such a scenario, asking the busy radio user to repeat information takes extra time, precious minutes that may be better spent helping with the situation at hand. With Rapid Recall, the dispatch operator can simply replay all or portions of the call to ensure all pertinent details are noted. Like Call History, Rapid Recall also includes a search bar feature and an export function, allowing calls to be stored and heard for later playback.

Call History and Rapid Recall are just two more great functions available from Omnitronics’ dispatch product offerings. Speak to us today about how your communications can be improved with all of our innovative features.

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