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Display Customization

Omnitronics RediTalk software displayed across three screens

Few people could argue that we live in a world of personalized technology. In the US, for example, smartphone penetration is predicted by Statista to reach 90 percent, and each of those devices is filled with data specific to its user.

Modern consumers love to configure their gadgets precisely to meet their particular tastes – from menu color schemes and perfectly aligned icons to protective cases depicting your favourite pet.

That level of customization is a means of helping people feel true ownership over their devices, but also allowing them to be used more efficiently – placing the key features right at the user’s fingertips. That same notion can be applied to a variety of equipment used throughout the workday, with radio dispatch consoles no exception.

Display Customization


Not everyone works in exactly the same way, and no two organizations are likely to use an identical set of features on their digital radio dispatch solution. For that reason, the RediTALK-Flex system is designed to be highly customizable – allowing you to set up the display to meet your requirements.

On the Radio Dispatch Console display, you can simply drag and drop to move any of the windows around your screen. Experimenting with moving and resizing is a great way to figure out what is most effective for you individually, and allows you to carry out your tasks with ease and efficiency.

If you’re finding your Console screen overly cluttered with features you use rarely (or not at all), they can easily be docked away for access only when you need them. If you don’t wish to completely hide them away, however, you can keep your most vital windows on a primary display and move less critical features over to a second screen.

Dispatch Console

Getting The Look to Suit Your Workflow

Customizing what you see on the Dispatch Console screen can go further than moving around windows and disabling certain buttons. For greater aesthetic appeal, themes can be applied to alter the look of the interface – changing contrasts and colors of the overall system, or getting more granular and tweaking individual buttons.

Finding a font particularly difficult to read? Simply change it for a clearer one. Need certain buttons of importance to stand out? Make them a bright color, or tone down the buttons surrounding them. It’s even possible to add your own organization’s logo to the display – the possibilities are vast.

Display customization on the RediTALK-Flex and omnicore Enterprise Dispatch system is all about helping your operators find what works best for them. Speak to Omnitronics today.

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