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In our efforts to create the most effective digital radio dispatch solutions, we at Omnitronics regularly assess our existing products looking for ways to improve. Perhaps it’s a particular feature requested by customers, or simply something our engineers have worked on themselves – whatever the source, if it adds functionality, it’s at least worth investigating.

Such was the case with the DRG100, our original digital radio gateway, and its most recent innovation – analog mode. Migrating to a digital network has just become a little easier.

Transitioning to digital radio just got a little easier.


Background on the DRG100

The DRG100 has been a great device for improving interoperability for many years, using proprietary hardware and operating system software to provide a secure, reliable and adaptable gateway between dispatch console IP networks and digital radio IP networks. Forming a firewall between networks, use of the DRG100 offers greater flexibility for integration into your infrastructure.

The unit translates voice and data into the same digital protocol, making connection to one network from differing radios and protocols possible. Where users may have once been restricted in their choice of protocol – or forced to convert an entire network at one time – using the DRG100 means transitioning to digital can be carried out in stages without any loss of connectivity or functionality.

Analog mode will help organizations incrementally making the transition to digital.


Changes to the DRG100

Since it was initially introduced, however, the DRG100 has been capable of handling digital radio protocols only. If someone wanted to connect a legacy analog radio to their digital network, IPR gateways were required.

To make life easier for our customers who wished to use analog radios on their digital network, our engineers went back to work on the DRG100 and built in the analog mode feature. Offering support for basic analog capabilities, it’s a terrific option for organizations incrementally making the transition to digital.

With the updated unit, anyone upgrading their radio system can use DRG100s to connect to their legacy analog radios, rather than using the IPR range and then switching to the DRG100. Also, when they do choose to upgrade fully to digital radios, it is just a matter of changing out the firmware in the device – no new hardware purchases are required.

While we’re proud of our product offerings at Omnitronics, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements. For more information about the new analog mode for the DRG100, and introducing the unit to your dispatch solution, give us a call today.

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