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Early suites of the DX-Altus are EOL and can no longer be supported, or can only be partially supported due to unavailability of critical parts.

To see the next generation in radio dispatch, check out omnicore and altusomni.


Ideal for small organizations to large enterprise scaling beyond 100 operators and/or 200 channels, omnicore has the flexibility to grow with demand.


The altusomni radio dispatch system is the most secure, reliable and robust enterprise CAD dispatch system for mission critical environments.

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The trusted digital radio dispatch management system of the modern organization


Hundreds of systems installed globally


Improving communications, safety and productivity for a wide variety of industries and organizations


The latest in interoperability and digital radio technology

Tailored to Meet Your Organizations Needs

The DX-Altus provides the ultimate level of flexibility.

The rich feature set and customized design means it can adapt to almost any operating environment:

For marine and port applications that require analog channel change and night mode.

For mining environments that require advanced emergency management and safety features.

For utilities that need to ensure minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.

For public safety who require quick & decisive action and a need for dispatchers to have full visibility & playback functionality without needing to constantly engage with first responders.

The DX-Altus provides the ultimate in choice.

“This system has been a significant step forward for Coastguard as we continue to face an increased demand from water users. Its usability and multi-channel capacity sets it apart and we are extremely happy with the result.”

– New Zealand Northern Region Coastguard

“The upgrade to DX-Altus was carefully planned to ensure that we had minimal disruption to the network and that my staff spent time with the technicians to configure the system exactly to our needs, SLS NSW is very happy with the outcome.”

– Andy Kent, Lifesaving Manager, Surf Life Saving NSW

“Omnitronics was very accommodating in assisting with specific feature requirements. This responsiveness to meeting our needs was a key contributor to the success of the installation.”

– Jeremy Gibson, Asset Manager, Marine, Port Authority of NSW

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