Fire & Rescue NSW is the 4th largest urban fire service in the world, with responsibility for response to Fire and Emergency Incidents within the major cities and towns throughout New South Wales (NSW) Australia. In addition, they have responsibility for all of NSW in response to hazardous materials incidents. Despite best efforts, no one can predict where an Emergency Incident will occur. Therefore the assets you require to manage that emergency effectively might not be in the ideal location.

Fire & Rescue NSW has identified this issue and established two Mobile Command Centres (MCCs) which can be deployed across the state.

The MCCs provide all of the technology and systems needed for a team of incident managers to communicate with fire fighters and to get input from various sources to develop a level of situational awareness, which assists them in managing major emergency incidents.

Customer Profile

Fire & Rescue NSW



Radio Command and Control for Deployment to Emergency Incidents

Products Used

RediTALK Dispatch Console
IPR400 RoIP Gateways

Business Benefits

IP Connectivity For Simple Communication

Simple to Deploy

Compatible with Multiple Radio Types

Simple to Operate

Minimal Operator Training

The Challenge

RediTALK Radio Dispatch – The Flexible Choice

A core component of managing any emergency is effective communications. Therefore it was vital that the Mobile Command Centres be fitted with an effective Radio Communications Management System to support their operations.

Fire & Rescue NSW chose the RediTALK Dispatch console due to its ease of
deployment and ability to control different makes and models of radio.


Hear From our Customers

“The use of the Omnitronics RediTALK solution allowed us to meet the operational needs for managing multiple radios in a simple to deploy and cost-effective manner.”

Graham Tait, Systems Officer Operational Communications

The Solution

IP for Simple Installation

As a pure IP based dispatch console, RediTALK is able to be quickly deployed at each location. Used in conjunction with the IPR400 Radio over IP (RoIP) Gateway, RediTALK is able to quickly be configured to suit a wide variety of radio makes and models.

This IP Infrastructure also means that it can not only operate independently to manage an incident from the forward position in the field, but it can also be linked back to the main Communication Centres where needed.

The touch screen design and intuitive controls, means that RediTALK requires minimal operator training so volunteers can be up and running in very little time.

RediTALK allows operators to monitor several different radio channels and use wireless headsets so they can work freely in and around the vehicle.

Case Study

Fire & Rescue NSW Mobile Command


Set for the Future

Prior to introducing the RediTALK solution, other attempts were made to integrate the radio solution with existing on-board systems but they did not provide the needed operational functionality. This has now been solved with RediTALK.

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