Interoperability Created Between Conventional & Trunked Networks

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources with both remote regional and city resources required collaboration between their Trunked and voted Conventional Radio Networks. By using a 619DSRI Audio Bridge / Interoperability Gateway this has been made possible.

Customer Profile

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources | Forestry Department



Conventional & Trunked

Products Used

619DSRI Audio Bridge / Interoperability Gateway

Business Benefits

A Simple Software Configuration Best Fit for Connecting Networks

Connecting Radio Networks

Cost Effective

Simple Software Configuration

Easily Expandable

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide interoperability between the department’s Conventional rural network with the Trunked urban networks.

The Solution

To Cross‐Band Both the Conventional and Trunked Networks

By using 619DSRI Audio Bridges / Interoperability Gateways, the department was able to cross‐band both the Conventional and Trunked networks. Users send a DTMF signal to the bridge which changed the bridge into a new audio bridging format. All users now have audio connectivity between the Trunking and conventional systems without the need for any additional signaling. To restore to default operations a different DTMF signal is sent to the 619DSRI. Up to 8 bridging formats can be configured using the DTMF methodology.  Trunked networks require time to establish a connection as they search for a free channel talk path. If a conventional user tries to talk to the Trunking network whilst the call is being established, the first syllables of speech will be lost. The 619DSRI has an inbuilt audio delay buffer so the conventional PTT initiates the Trunking setup, then the 619DSRI sends the speech. This means no speech is lost when conventional users connect to Trunking users.

Product Focus

619DSRI Audio Bridge / Interoperability Gateway

Easy to Use
Smart, flexible & dynamic

Rack Unit

cad dispatch

Supported Signalling
CTCSS or tone signalling

Cross-banding, group config & more


Increase Interoperability Across Networks in a Very Cost Effective Manner

This example shows yet another layer of how Audio Bridges can increase interoperability across networks in a very cost effective manner. This means that organizations such as forestry have the flexibility to choose the best fit radio equipment for each area, yet still communicate across the entire network. Thanks to Argosy Communications for integrating this solution.

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