NEW: 2in1 IPR400 S2 RoIP & Interoperability Gateway

The popular RoIP Gateway IPR400 has been supercharged to include command & control for multiple two-way radio types, PTToC and instant linking via an online application.

Used in over 35 countries since its launch in 2007, proven RoIP Gateway IPR400 has undergone a complete transformation to become a combined 2in1 Interoperability Gateway and RoIP Gateway. The metamorphosis was inspired by client use cases suggesting the combination of both functionalities as the ideal system solution.

“Incompatibility of two-way radio technologies and radio vendors remains a challenge in LMR especially for networks that are growing or migrating from analog to digital. The IPR400 was designed to tackle these challenges and the new version takes things to another level”, said Omnitronics CEO John Florenca. “Combining the key functions of interoperability and RoIP gateway is a natural evolution for the product and delivers even more benefits to the industry”.

Users familiar with the IPR400 will appreciate more processing power and memory that enable a greater number of SIP connections, as well as radio ports that are now software-configurable. The new and improved IPR400 S2 also comes with the omnilink app for instant web linking/crossbanding included as standard and the capability to make and receive PTToC calls via ESChat.

The IPR400 S2 is available for purchase globally now. More

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