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Omnitronics Provides FREE Radio Dispatch During COVID-19

As a mission-critical communications provider, Omnitronics is acutely aware of the role Radio Dispatch and Radio Gateways play in emergency situations and during States of Disaster.


The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything Omnitronics have seen during nearly 40 years of supporting communications of Ambulance, Police, 911 Dispatch, Fire & Emergency Services, Hospitals, Rescue and other organizations globally that currently lead the frontline in the joint fight against this new Coronavirus.

In order to show gratitude to and in direct support of the vital services that everyone around the world heavily relies on during the COVID-19 emergency, Omnitronics offers FREE use of the RediTALK-Flex Dispatch software for 90 days to organizations working in or supporting essential services.

I feel that giving our strained frontline organizations access to much-needed additional resources is our duty as a company operating in this industry“, states Omnitronics CEO John Florenca.

We have seen Public Safety organizations having to close their Dispatch Centers as part of COVID-19 isolation requirements. It is our obligation to support them with a contingency plan. With RediTALK-Flex Dispatch operators can continue to work and manage calls using a tablet or laptop from the safety of their homes,” adds Omnitronics Global Marketing Manager Tina Mucha.

The RediTALK-Flex Radio Dispatch console is designed around the requirements of mission-critical Public Safety organizations and is available for download and free 90 day use immediately here.

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