Tait DMR Tier 3 Platform Now Supports Omnitronics’ RediTALK Dispatch Console

In a recent press release Tait has announced that its DMR Tier 3 network now supports Omnitronics’ RediTALK dispatch consoles.

“Our partnership with other open-standards solutions providers such as Omnitronics means that organizations can reap the benefits of greater choice and flexibility when implementing a digital communications solution from Tait,” says Ellery Hurn, Partner Product Manager, Tait Communications.

Omnitronics CEO, John Florenca, says that while Tait and Omnitronics have enjoyed a long-standing relationship over the past three decades, this represents a strengthening of that relationship with a solution that achieves a common goal of offering clients greater choice and compatibility across a variety of vendors.

“This is the culmination of months of joint development and testing between Omnitronics and Tait engineers. The new interface is also available on the DX-Altus Radio Management System. Both dispatch products will enable customers to take full advantage of the functionality and features of the Tait DMR network,” Mr Florenca says.
See the full press release here.

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