The Benefits of Support Agreements

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, it can be a challenge to stay up-to-date with the most current, efficient and secure operating systems and software.

With so much of our lives, both personal and professional, dependent on our interaction with computers and mobile devices, making sure all of our devices and platforms are up to date is more essential than ever before.

Research from Citi and the University of Oxford has found that more than half of those surveyed about business trends believe the world is developing and changing too fast, mostly due to rapid technological innovation. Take a minute to think of all the devices and systems you use each day, whether in your workplace or at home. How confident are you that each is running at the optimum level, allowing you access to the latest features and security protections?

If you, like so many others, are unable to keep pace with the most recent developments, perhaps you can appreciate the value of a managed software support agreement. For your most crucial software, passing the responsibility of updating back to the manufacturer can be a terrific insurance policy, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on important functions and applications.

The Dangers of Out-of-Date Software

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Protecting yourself from cybercrime is a key reason for software updating
According to computer security provider Norton, software updates cover a number of key aspects, however for most people there are two main reasons why regularly checking for new software versions is important:

  • Addition of new features. The nature of modern software updates is, for the most part, to make incremental improvements on the existing product. The upcoming operating system (OS) update for Android smartphones, for example, offers under-the-hood improvements to the core system with new features such as a split-screen mode – a nice addition but hardly an overhaul of the whole OS. The RediTALK and DX-Altus systems also have new applications added from time to time, with recent examples such as call history in the former and Individual Volume Control and Night Mode in the latter.
  • Security improvements. While improved functionality is certainly a good reason to keep your software and systems current, perhaps a more important purpose of updating is the patching of security holes and vulnerabilities. With worldwide spending on IT security estimated by Gartner to have reached $75 billion in 2015, clearly the business world is taking the growing threat of cybercrime very seriously. Why leave the door open for criminals by neglecting to update your various software and applications?

The good news is, if you find the idea of managing your software updates too difficult or time-consuming, there are other options.

Staying Current with a Software Support Agreement

The potential costs associated with having outdated software can really add up, particularly if your company is a victim of a cyber breach. That’s why many organizations may be interested in the benefits to a subscription-based support model.  With all the latest software and firmware updates delivered as soon as they are made available, you’ll never miss out on the latest features again.

Those who have found themselves caught out, such as when Microsoft ended support for the still popular Windows XP, can take comfort in the knowledge that they are also protected against any concerns regarding software obsolescence. Ongoing compatibility is assured as part of the support agreement, meaning you’ll be well across any approaching innovations and developments.

When it comes to your radio dispatch solutions, keeping your equipment and systems updated is the most effective way of ensuring ongoing performance and consistency. Speak to Omnitronics today about how a software support agreement can keep your organization at the forefront of innovation and security.

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