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Case Study

Gold Mine Uses 619DSRI for Above Ground to Below Ground Communications

To improve safety, reliability and efficiency, Mussel White gold mine upgraded their radio communications between above and below ground to using an Ethernet connection. As part of this upgrade they wanted the ability to expand the site and to have a backup system for emergency situations to reduce the high risks associated with underground mining. The 619DSRI Radio Interoperability Gateway provides this ability.


Customer Profile

Gold Mine in Ontario, Canada



Dynamic switching between connection paths in the event of an outage between above and below ground.


Products Used

619DSRI Interoperability Gateway

The Challenge

Ensuring that a Backup System Kicks in Immediately in Event of Outage

Communicating below ground adds an additional level of challenge for radio systems. Perhaps the most significant challenge is that of ensuring if there is an outage, a backup system kicks in immediately. At Mussel White, they have laid both Ethernet and Fiber Optic cables connecting the above ground repeater site to a below ground site. They now needed a device to automatically switch between the connections in the event that one failed.

Business Benefits

Increased Reliability of the Radio Network


Easy to Use




Reduction in Risk


Easily Expandable

The Solution

A 619DSRI Interoperability Gateway was Installed Both Above and Below Ground

The 619DSRI Audio Bridge has the ability to automatically steer voice calls along different paths as a result of digital inputs. A 619DSRI was installed both above and below ground to dynamically switch between the Ethernet and Fiber Optic cables if one fails.

Product Focus

619DSRI Audio Bridge / Interoperability Gateway

Easy to Use
Smart, flexible & dynamic

Rack Unit

cad dispatch

Supported Signalling
CTCSS or tone signalling

Cross-banding, group config & more


A Solution That Meets Both Current and Future Needs

By installing the 619DSRI Audio Bridges, Mussel White mine is now able to confidently switch between primary and secondary communications paths. The system also caters to system expansions without upgrading their equipment as the 619DSRI has 8 ports and 8 programmable configurations. Furthermore, the 619DSRI can cross‐band radios regardless of manufacturer or frequency band, providing ultimate flexibility.

Thanks to Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd who took the time to create a solution that meets both current and future needs.

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