Interconnecting Communications

Public Safety Authority in a South American Capital required a means to interconnect radio communications across multiple agencies such as Fire, Local & State Police and Emergency Telephone Centers.

619DSRI interoperability gateways interfaced the radio communications side while IPR110+ Radio over IP Gateways were able to interface the radio to SIP Telephones.

Customer Profile

South American Public Safety Authority



Inter-agency Cooperation

Products Used

619DSRI Interoperability Gateway
IPR110+ RoIP Gateway

Business Benefits

Reaching Business Goals

Improved Response Times


Easily Expandable

SIP Telephone Integration

Highly Adaptable

Configurable Groups

Improved Operations Management

The 619DSRI Audio Bridge has enabled cross-banding of radio transceivers between the public safety agencies. The 619DSRI is capable of being pre-configured to suit a number of different user groups and network structures to suit various operational scenarios. In this example, the 619DSRI can be programmed to suit standard day-to-day
operations but an alternate configuration can also be set for various emergency scenarios.

Additionally, the interoperability gateways can be quickly and easily re-configured via a web interface if the pre-configured settings do not suit a particular scenario.

Product Focus

619DSRI Interoperability Gateway


Dynamic linking & auto path steering

Smart Tone Signalling

Automated actions using CTCSS & inband tones

Web Configuration

Easy set up, management & diagnostics over IP

Quickly Link & Re-group

Combine & connect users & agencies on demand

Interoperability Interface

Flexible, easy & safe connection to analog & digital radios

Remote Control Over the Air

Instant changes from a DTMF handset

Interfacing to SIP

SIP Telephony Connectivity

In addition to the requirement to interconnect radios, the public safety authorities required an interface to SIP phones.

The IPR110+ suits most SIP applications but enhanced SIP connectivity was required in this case. The Omnitronics engineering team were quick on the case and were able to enhance the operation to provide better control of the telephone session.


Hear From Our Customers

Omnitronics’ ability to propose a ‘fit for purpose’ solution and their quick response times assured us that they were the right choice for our needs.”

Zakaria Dahili, Managing Director at Tacticom


Safer Environment For All

By using a combination of Interoperability Gateways and IP Gateway solutions, the Public Safety Agencies were able to create interoperability across radios and SIP telephones in a manner that can be easily reconfigured to suit operational requirements.

Case Study

Inter-agency Cooperation for American Public Safety Agencies

Achieving inter-agency cooperation with the 619DSRI.

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