Utility Extends SCADA Monitoring & Control With IPR100

An electrical utility with over 1.7 million individuals and businesses in 46 counties relying on their distribution systems for electric power is supported by a SCADA monitored and controlled network. The existing microwave and WAN networks did not extend to all locations. The IPR100 RoIP Gateway’s data port was used to connect these remote locations via radio thereby improving maintenance support, network reliability and productivity

Customer Profile

Electricity Utility with over 1.7 million customers over 46 counties



Remote Locations connected via Radio and IP for extended SCADA Monitoring & Control

Products Used

IPR100 RoIP Gateway

Business Benefits

Central Setup And Remote IP To Radio Interface



Single Box Solution

Cost Savings

Remote Locations

The Challenge

Find a Product That Would Support Appropriate Flow Control

The data from the remote sites had to be transported via RS232 format via radio, then via an IP network and eventually back to RS232. The challenge was to find a product that would support these different formats and provide the appropriate flow control to interface between IP and radio networks.

The Solution

Adaptor With Data Transport Capabilities and Voice  Communications Support

The IPR100 RoIP Gatewayprovided an ideal solution to transport the RS232 data and provide the flexibility to combine the different communication mediums. The adaptor not only has data transport capabilities but also supports voice  communications for future expansion. Separate IP addresses are provided for both data and voice paths.

When setting up the data path PTT has to be established before data can be sent via the RF signal. Both inter‐character timeout and message length could be varied to overcome the delay problems anticipated in the communication link. The changes required to fine tune the link could be made over the IP network via the web browser built into the IPR100.


Power Grid Network Reliability was Improved With Extended Monitoring of Remote Points

The IPR100 proved a reliable interface to transport data and gave technicians the flexibility to setup the parameters to match the different communication mediums. Ongoing costs are low as the existing IP and radio networks were utilized. Power Grid network reliability was improved with the extended monitoring of remote points. The opportunity to reliably extend voice traffic to remote locations was an added bonus.

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