PTToC Overview
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Using Phones on a Radio Network

Make and Receive Real-Time PTT over Cellular Calls


What is a Push to Talk Over Cellular (PTToC or PoC) RoIP App?

Expand your analog or digital radio fleet to include smartphones.

A remote communications RoIP PoC app connects you with all devices in the field, allowing you to stay connected anytime and anywhere. These cloud-based services are integrated with Omnitronics IPR110+ and IPR400 S2 as standard, to keep communication lines open, even when you are without your radio.

All you need to connect PTToC is downloading the app to a smartphone or computer, signing up for a subscription and you are ready to start communicating. The license and service connect all working devices, including PTT over LTE with dispatch & radio integration.

Omnitronics RoIP Gateways, Interoperability Gateways and Dispatch Management Systems integrate with a range of Push to Talk over Cellular apps, including ESChat, Tait TeamPTT and others.


Why ESChat App?

Leading Format

Compatible with Omnitronics tech – so you can talk to our equipment

PTT over Cellular

Communicate with radios straight from your mobile smartphone

roip app

Connect & Communicate

Up to 4 channels simultaneously with the IPR400 S2

VoIP to Anywhere

Connect to any remote repeater through an Omnitronics RoIP gateway

Network Diagram

Integrating a Voice LMR Network with PTToC

roip app application



Make and receive real-time PTT over Cellular calls.

Network Diagram

How to Use PTToC / PoC With Radio Dispatch


Tait TeamPTT and RediTALK-Flex Dispatch

Watch this live demo of the Tait TeamPTT Push To Talk over Cellular (PTToC) App and how it integrates seamlessly with the radio network, including dispatch.

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