Not-for-profit group Surf Life Saving Tasmania is the state’s major water safety and surf rescue service provider. It performs the critical role of emergency rescue services to the Tasmanian coastline, comprising of 24 volunteer surf lifesaving clubs and over 2200 active surf lifesavers and lifeguards.

Surf Life Saving Tasmania relies on an ICOM digital radio network to coordinate operations and keep their team informed of critical activity. Whilst clear and efficient voice communications between dispatchers and users is important, so is the ability to instantly see where any resource or patrol is at any time. For these reasons, RediTALK-Flex, Omnitronics’ radio agnostic feature rich dispatch solution, was chosen to enhance the existing ICOM system and help provide better response times and ultimately improve the safety of the public.

Customer Profile

Not-for-profit organisation Surf Life Saving Tasmania



Dispatch console upgrade with integration to
existing radio network.

Products Used

RediTALK- Flex

Business Benefits

A safer working environment

Greater Productivity

Faster Response

Cost Saving

Minimal Training


Hear From Our Customers

“Omnitronics was easily the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution on the market.”

Greg Bird | Volunteer Radio Operator

The Challenge

Connecting 24 Clubs Across The State

The challenge was to deliver a feature-rich and customizable dispatch console that provides real-time location information and seamless integration to the ICOM radio network; a console with a high level of flexibility that could adapt to the organisation’s future, ever-changing needs.

Product Focus



Connect technologies, protocols & vendors

Easy to Use

Clean & customizable user interface


Use the power of IP to connect & unify anywhere

Duress & Emergency

See who calls where and when


Easily set up zones & alerts to monitor movements

Radio Linking / Patching

Connect groups of radios in real time


Receive, make calls & patch to radios

Location Services

Advanced people & asset tracking

The Solution


With a vision of a world class communications platform that can accommodate a wide range of digital and analog technologies, and a track record in improving the services of Surf Life Saving organizations across Australia and New Zealand, an Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex solution was an obvious choice. “Omnitronics was easily the most cost-effective feature rich solution on the market” said Greg Bird, Volunteer Radio Operator. “It’s perfect for our needs”.

RediTALK-Flex was installed at the central State Operations Center and provides enhanced dispatch functions across the state of Tasmania. Using DRG100 gateways into the ICOM repeaters, voice and GPS data is delivered to RediTALK-Flex over IP. The revised network now automatically delivers real-time GPS information to dispatch operators from each mobile or handheld radio used by Life Savers and patrol teams. The location of any team member is always visible on the screen. Operators can see where a team member is without resorting to a voice call. “Having a dispatching console to display user location, has dramatically reduced call traffic” said Tony
Van Der Enden, CEO of SLS Tasmania.

Operators can engage with team members as individuals or groups in a much more efficient manner. “The safety improvements have been invaluable and have allowed us to work closer as a team” said Mr Van Der Enden. Overall, the new system provides much greater efficiencies of operation and better interoperability with other public safety services such as Police.

Case Study

RediTALK-Flex Dispatch Keeping Tasmania’s Shores Safe

Surf Life Saving Tasmania


Safety & Productivity

Having worked with the Surf Life Saving organizations for many years, Omnitronics has a clear understanding of the unique operational challenges within this sector. Omnitronics, with its RediTALK-Flex solution, was able to integrate with the existing ICOM digital radio system and deliver an enhanced radio dispatch solution; one that is already making a positive difference to the organization.

Surf Life Saving Tasmania can now look to the future, confident that its radio communications network will enable it to satisfy current and future needs, and ensure it fulfils its vital purpose – saving lives.

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