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Radio over IP

Radio over IP offers a cost effective way to interconnect radio systems and operators together. It is a technology that enhances and adds value to radio communications networks.

The benefits of Radio over IP can easily be obtained on existing analog networks through the use of IP gateways such as the IPR range for Analog or DRG range for Digital.

White Paper

Understanding RoIP Networks

Radio over IP differs from Voice over IP technology in a variety of ways. This White Paper explains those differences and the various considerations the IT team and systems integrators need to understand in order to create effective RoIP networks that meet their needs.

radio over ip

Benefits of RoIP

1. Lower Costs
– Uses an Existing IP Infrastructure (LAN, WAN or VPN)
– Availability and Decreasing Cost of Equipment
– Replaces Expensive Leased Lines and Microwave Links

2. Improved Reliability
 Mesh IP Network provides an inherently resilient infrastructure

3. Increased Interoperability
Across multiple frequency bands or even phones using SIP technology.

4. Creates Network Flexibility
– Sites can be connected over wide geographical areas
– Simple to add repeater sites and dispatch locations


Why Choose Omnitronics’ RoIP Solutions?

1. We support multiple connection methods
Including Multicasting, Unicasting, SIP and our unique Conferencing Mode so you can choose the best method of connecting your Radio network without causing issues with your IT network.

2. We support both Dynamic & Static Addressing

3. Provide simple integration with Dispatch Consoles

4. We are the experts in the field with over 30 years experience

5. High levels of customer service to ensure you get the best from your devices


Radio over IP is used in many applications to achieve the above benefits, click here to learn more. Or Contact Us for more details.

We'll find the perfect system upgrade for you.
NEW: 2in1 IPR400 S2 RoIP & Interoperability Gateway

NEW: 2in1 IPR400 S2 RoIP & Interoperability Gateway

The popular RoIP Gateway IPR400 has been supercharged to include command & control for multiple two-way radio types, PTToC and instant linking via an online application. Used in over 35 countries since its launch in 2007, proven RoIP Gateway IPR400 has undergone a...

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Simple and Effective Leased Line Replacement with RoIP

Simple and Effective Leased Line Replacement with RoIP

Leased lines are still being used in many parts of the world to carry voice communications between radio repeater sites and from radio sites to dispatching centers. Telecom service providers charge for this service and fees can be a significant proportion of the...

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