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RoIP/VoIP Connectivity Products

“The Omnitronics gear I purchased saved me $120K in capital purchases and another $30K in yearly operating expenses. I will never buy any other RoIP Equipment” Brent, Alpha Wireless Canada

As industry leaders in Radio over IP (RoIP) technology, Omnitronics provides a wide range of choice in RoIP Gateways to ensure that you can find the best fit for your organization.

All of the gateway products can be utilized on the one radio network and interchanged as required. They are also compatible with our range of Dispatch Solutions.

Omnitronics IPR100 and IPR400

Digital Radio Gateways

The DRG range of gateways connect a vast array of digital protocols onto a Radio over IP network providing organizations with added security, redundancy and flexibility. The range includes solutions for Tier II Conventional and Tier III Trunked networks. Click here to see the range of Digital Radio Gateways
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Tetra Gateway-DM

The Tetra Gateway is a software based IP gateway designed to interconnect Omnitronics networks with Damm TetraFlex networks. Click here to learn more.

IP Gateways for Analog Radios

The Omnitronics IPR Series of RoIP interfaces are designed to merge the power and flexibility of IP with  analog radio equipment and networks. This greatly increases communication reach and offers many benefits including interoperability, scalability, low cost of ownership and ease of implementation. Click here to see the range of gateways available.

For information on how RoIP can improve your radio network, click here or see some applications.

White Paper

VoIP for Radio Networks

Radio over IP (RoIP) adds significant value to Radio Networks. This White Paper explores the many benefits of this technology and discusses the range of differing applications in which it can be used.

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