619EI Audio Bridges

For more basic applications, the  619EI Audio Bridge will provide you with a simple solution that is easy to install and configure. The 619EI has a huge range of applications, such as HF/VHF/UHF radio networks, audio bearer systems, data, model splitters/combiners, public safety address systems, etc. Independent ports allow the bridge to be configured in any combination providing the system designer with greater flexibility.

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Audio Bridging: Real-World Applications

Audio Bridging provides a uniform way of interconnecting radio equipment from different manufacturers and in different frequency bands. Typically this is done at the repeater remote site to provide multiple paths within a single radio network. However, with advances in technology a vast array of additional applications are possible.

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4 Examples of Audio Bridging’s Ease of Use and Reliability

When teams need to exchange information over different radio bands, these disparities introduce obstacles that are impossible to overcome unless departments have the right technology. Audio bridging enables multiple teams using disparate brand-name radios or radio...

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Audio Bridging: What It Is, Why You Need It

Over the years, your personnel have likely acquired a collection of radio technologies, some of which sanction communication over different frequency bands or protocols. This prohibits teams using a variety of radios from coordinating tasks on the ground. In light of...

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Omnitronics 619EI Used in Critical Radar Comms Project

A defence department in the Canadian region has recently undertaken an extensive upgrade to its early-warning radar system for its air defence branch. The warning system is comprised of dozens of unmanned long and short-range radar stations that extend over a wide...

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