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The Power of VoIP and SIP Technologies

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is expanding the capabilities of two-way radio communication services through Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). VoIP has enabled the implementation of a decentralized radio infrastructure that is flexible, provides a lower cost of ownership and facilitates improved interoperability.

960SIP Dispatch Console

radio dispatch consoleOmnitronics has expanded its radio dispatch products to include SIP technology. The Omnitronics 960SIP Dispatch Console is an integrated solution suited to organizations requiring a reliable, easy to use console for frequent access to a wide area network. The SIP capabilities built into this product allows dynamic connections to remote radios and supports multiple operators and channels. Remote radios typically connect to an Omnitronics IPR100 VoIP Interface which has the ability to receive SIP connections. A very rugged hardware console, the 960 SIP that can be used in harsh environments, including in dusty, dirty workshops and by people wearing gloves. Its extremely high reliability and resilience, coupled with a startup time of less than 2 seconds, make the 960SIP Dispatch Console a popular choice.

Features & Advantages:

• “Selected” and “Monitored” Audio available through front panel switches
• Supports UHF, VHF, Marine band and Air band Radios
• Operator to Operator Communication via Intercom
• Easy access to a decentralized radio network using VoIP and SIP technology
• Easy to install and begin to use immediately
• Simple channel selection via 3-way switches with foreground and background audio selection
• Operators can access and share one or more radio transceivers

The 960 SIP Dispatch Console can be customized to suit your needs. Choose from either a 6 or 12 channel SIP Selector. Various dispatch consoles are available including a 960CC or 960CSD depending on your SELCALL & DTMF Requirements. Handsets are also available upon request if the console is not required.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Connecting Communications with Unicast IP Lines

Connecting Communications with Unicast IP Lines

Due to the large amount of active oil projects on the west coast of Africa, the need for trustworthy communication systems has never been so important. MRTC, an Authorized Reseller of Omnitronics, was chosen to deliver a critical dispatch system for a large Nigerian...

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Rural Electric Co-op Implements IP over Microwave

Rural Electric Co-op Implements IP over Microwave

A Rural Electric Cooperative was looking to simplify and reduce running costs for their radio network without compromising reliability. Three regional offices needed to communicate through 4 radio repeaters to mobile maintenance crews. The existing microwave system...

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