Omnitronics and Tait Communications will officially launch RediTALK-Flex-Lite at Comms Connect Melbourne in November.
Available exclusively on Tait Communications’ Tier 2 digital mobile radio (DMR) standard mobile radio network infrastructure, this latest version of Omnitronics’ RediTALK-Flex product is optimized for users with smaller numbers of channels and operators in the field.
Like its larger sibling it is feature rich, supporting location services, call history and playback, SIP telephony and more.
The open DMR Tier 2 standard of mobile radio is designed for users who need spectral efficiency as well as advanced digital voice features and integrated data services.
As a package, RediTALK-Flex-Lite and Tait DMR Tier 2 can be quickly and efficiently set up. Exhaustive inter-operability testing between the providers means users can be confident of a smooth switchover and that all network elements will work together seamlessly and reliably.
“This solution brings together the benefits of both companies’ critical communications technologies,” says John Florenca, the CEO of Omnitronics. “The Flex-Lite version of RediTALK has been developed with Tait Communications to provide a high-spec, powerful-yet-affordable dispatch solution for organisations with smaller numbers of assets in the field.”
A live demonstration of RediTALK-Flex-Lite will be running at the Tait Communications display (Booth 107) at Comms Connect Melbourne 2017 (21-23 November, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre).
Tait is an Omnitronics Technology Partner and is proud to endorse Omnitronics’ RediTALK-Flex and DX-Altus for use on Tait DMR Tier 2, DMR Tier 3 and P25 land mobile radio systems.

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